the raw aventurine wrap

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Gorgeous green aventurine often surprises those who have not held the stone in its raw form. This soft-energied pendant resonates with mid to late summer energy through the transits of Leo season and Virgo season, bringing its wearer a sense of "unwinding" and release of stress (thank you, Lepidolite!). Available on a silver tone or copper tone chain at variable lengths, raw green aventurine is most commonly regarded as a stone that attracts abundance and prosperity, useful to those pursuing something creative, or to those seeking a zest for living. Complimenting this aventurine is a white lepidolite bead, which facilitates stress-release and induces a state of relaxation. Associating with the zodiacs of Libra and Capricorn, lepidolite inspires positive life change while soothing distrust and helping one to navigate change.

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