the celestial ring

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A unique wire wrap design featuring several options of gemstone and created from hyper-allergenic metals & materials, celestial rings add a touch of divine beauty to any outfit. Metaphysical traits of featured gemstones are as follows:

Mookite Jasper — associating with the planet of Jupiter, mookite jasper awakens intuitive abilities, promotes emotional and physical healing, and has even been associated with anti-aging processes

Lapis Lazuli — An Egyptian stone of royalty, lapis lazuli earrings associates with both Mercury and Venus, often worn to protect from negative energies, boost peace and harmony, and help tackle disorganization.

Obsidian — A powerful tool in eliminating negative energy is, obsidian is an extremely grounding mineral with protective qualities. When worn in meditation, obsidian can help one uncover negative or simply unconscious thought patterns that hinder personal or spiritual growth.

Jade — Known to heal the heart, jade associates with Venus, bringing well-being and balance to those who wear it. Jade aids in harmonious sleep patterns, with nourishing vibrations that impact dreams. Fostering the steady growth of one's chi, jade is great for those who spend time in the outdoors, for those who garden, and for those who seek a convenient outlet to relaxation.

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