the amethyst obsidian necklace

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This amethyst & obsidian pendant's nickname, 'The Habit Maker', reflects the constructive properties of the two stones when worn together, and their all mighty influence on matters of self & routine. Amethyst crystal is approximately 1.5cm x 1.5cm with a total pendant length of 2cm, and is available on a silver tone or copper tone chain at variable lengths.

Amethyst, while clearing healing spaces and purifying the energies of a room, can aid overindulgence. Perpetuating one's ability to give up bad habits, amethyst works in harmony with ruling planet Jupiter's unwavering grip on all things behavioural. Obsidian, on the other hand, eliminates negative energies with its extremely grounding and protective qualities. When worn together, amethyst & obsidian can help one uncover negative or simply unconscious thought patterns that hinder personal or spiritual growth while allowing one to think constructively and build new habits.

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